Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in the UK

A degree in fine arts opens up so many career opportunities for students. A Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree develops the student’s understanding of the discipline and enables the student to extensively explore different areas of fine

Redefining an industry: How Technology is changing Hospitality Management

Think long and hard about this: is there any industry out there that needed disruption more than Hospitality? The traveler’s experience was being cast aside, all in the interest of scraping costs, and top-line growth. And along

Future Of The Education System In UK

The UK’s future looks good from different points of view. Even if they decided to leave the European Union, it does not seem to be a problem. The industry is continually developing, like a machine. The justice

What’s Your Plan After Graduation?

When the time for graduation comes, you will have made many friends and study partners in school. You will have formed bonds, that will last a lifetime. It seems that with graduating, you will lose all that

History Of Armthorpe School

Armthorpe School, as it was formally known, is now Anthorpe Academy as it is in partnership with Ossett Academy and offers High School learning all the way through to sixth form or O levels. There are approximately

Three Reasons UK Students Are Traveling Abroad For Their Masters

Travelling to a new country opens a whole range of new experiences to a student, and these experiences all become part of your personal development and life experience. Students who study abroad have to depend on themselves,

How Higher Learning Trends In UK Have Changed The Education Industry

The UK is home to some of the best universities in the world. The higher education in the region is known for keeping tabs with the changes in education needs all over the world, through the use

Higher Learning at Armthorpe School

Armthorpe School provides secondary education up until O Levels, and this has been the case from the time that the school started several years ago. Now, the school has taken education a step further and also provides

Fantastic Facilities for Progressive Learning

For learning to be effective, it is essential for the school to have facilities that are modern and focused on facilitating it. You will find that the learning facilities available at Armthorpe School are very impressive. Here

Creativity to Develop Learning

Learning requires quite a substantial application of memory so that information can be recalled in the event of an examination or application of knowledge in real life scenarios. However, going to school is not all about academics,