Creativity to Develop Learning

methodologyLearning requires quite a substantial application of memory so that information can be recalled in the event of an examination or application of knowledge in real life scenarios. However, going to school is not all about academics, there needs to be some form of fun as well. For that reason, the Armthorpe School has a very active drama department.

The drama department allows the students to bring forth their creativity, and explore the different ways that one can learn. The department is headed by a drama director, expert in his field who knows how to understand and fuel the passion of the students. By allowing the students to have a platform that offers freedom of expression, it is possible for them to grow into better and stronger people moving into the future.

Every year, the school organizes several plays for the parents to enjoy the hard work of their children. There is the annual musical play, which brings together the various skills of the students. Those who are skilled in playing an instrument have the chance to take part as members of the school orchestra. Those who are talented in acting are able to take part as actors and actresses in the various parts. Then there is room for those who have a talent for singing, where the entire stage becomes their platform and they can express themselves freely.

The education provided in this department also includes those who are looking to try their hand at fashion and design, as costumes are developed and created by the students in the school. Students with a penchant for art are also given room to create artistic backgrounds for the stage sets.

At Armthorpe School, the focus is on creating experiences for the students that enable them to be all-rounders, by offering the best in academic excellence, and also ensuring that their individual creativity is fully nurtured.