History Of Armthorpe School

Armthorpe School, as it was formally known, is now Anthorpe Academy as it is in partnership with Ossett Academy and offers High School learning all the way through to sixth form or O levels. There are approximately 770 pupils in attendance at this beautiful academy which services the former mining town of Armthorpe and is situated less than 5 km East of Doncaster. The school’s core values are Ambition, Respect, Responsibility and Pride, and these have been honed and refined over the years, to ensure they are values that are in line with principles of daily living.

shutterstock_397616683Armthorpe Transitioning Students from Teeneragers to Adults

One of the best advances in the Armthorpe School is the implementation of AS and A2 levels for students. This opportunity allows students to experience an environment that seamlessly transitions into advanced education or university when the time is right for each student. The time right after high school is one of the most confusing and decision packed times in a teenager’s life, and the implementation of this new level of learning allows all students to transition from teenagerhood to adulthood in their own time. When students are ready, they are encouraged to use Schoolapply.co.in to make their choice in school for higher education easy and well researched.

Benefits you can Actually See

Technology is paramount in education. The Armthorpe School is no different in this respect, as they are implementing fantastic advances in e-learning throughout the campus. Gone are the days of chalkboards and even whiteboards, now learning can be accessed anywhere and anytime. There is a strong focus on technological studies and also technological tools for all students, and this sets each student up for being able to survive in the real world of work when they move on to higher education. There is an online portal where students can access notes and ask questions. This school is definitely setting students up for the next step in their studies and life.