Inspirational Sporting Challenges for All Students

maxresdefaultThe mind can only perform at its peak capacity when the body is also in excellent form. Through the years, students encouraged to engage in a host of sports so that they can take part in a large pentathlon at the end of the school year. The academic year is split into three core terms, and in each term, the students are encouraged to take part in two sports. These include the following:-


The school has a strong swimming team, with young students competing at the national and international levels. Swimming is the sport of choice during the summer term, and all are encouraged to get into the pool and try and hone their skills. In addition to conventional swimming, artistic or synchronized swimming is also taught. This encourages those students who may not be able to win for speed, but who instead, prefer to swim for strength.

Horse Riding

Equestrian sports form part of those that one can compete in during the Olympics, and in order to gain the skill that is necessary, the school provides an excellent start. This is the sport of choice during the fall term, where the weather allows for both the students and the horses to enjoy their training. Students are also taught the importance of caring for the animals, which trains them to be more responsible adults.


Cross country running is one of the best ways for a student to stay fit and healthy, and it is also one of the most fun activities that one can take in. This is due to the constant change of scenery, and the opportunity to improve one’s personal best performance.

Every sport that the students take part in is conducted with the utmost seriousness. By being active, they become happier, healthier all rounded adults, who are able to confidently face any situations that are brought their way.