Moving into the Future with eLearning

thumb_309_news_bigTraditional learning includes the use of chalkboards and whiteboards, where a teacher stands in front of the classroom while writing down what the students should learn. While this had its place in the 20th Century, the 21st Century has different demands that should not be ignored. This is what is being offered at Armthorpe School, learning that will take the students forward into the future.

They have a strong focus on technology for learning as a tool that offers all the support that a student would need. The classes are geared towards ensuring that all students are technologically astute, as the latest methods of eLearning are adopted that are around.

When in the classroom, students are able to source their notes through an online portal, and make comments that can easily be assessed by the teacher in question. Furthermore, having this portal makes it possible for students to continue learning at any site that is convenient to them, because they always have access to the live notes that are created while they are in class.

By having this backing of technology, all the students in this secondary school get an edge when they step into the working world. They are equipped to handle a host of technological programs, ensuring that they can fit within their chosen industries with minimum training necessary for them to succeed.

Technology really is the lifeblood of all activities that are undertaken at Armthorpe School. Both teachers and parents can benefit from easier tracking, as well as being up to date with the latest learning tools that are being used all around the world. You are guaranteed to have an excellent experience in the classroom with the use of technology as a guide, and an upper hand to other students in other institutions, even when the students are all in the same class.