Redefining an industry: How Technology is changing Hospitality Management

Think long and hard about this: is there any industry out there that needed disruption more than Hospitality? The traveler’s experience was being cast aside, all in the interest of scraping costs, and top-line growth. And along came technology, and restored the balance by giving travelers – the customer – a voice and a platform to be heard.

With all the changes that the industry is going through, it cannot come as a surprise that the demand for bright, talented, young people with a education in Hospitality Management from the top schools has gone through the rough.

Technology has that effect, it brings down old structures that cannot support the new demands of customers, it pierces the corporate veil giving customers full control over the quality of the products and services they’re paying for, and it promotes transparency from organizations that until now had affected their bottom line with hidden fees, and sudden upsell charges.

A Master in Hospitality Management is the right move for those who want to be a part of this technology and customer experience movement.