The Professional Leadership at Armthorpe School

Armthorpe School continues to operate flawlessly due to the stellar leadership that is available at the institution. The leadership includes the following:

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of educators and professionals who have a stake in ensuring that young people get an excellent education. They are responsible for all the policies that are put in place, as well as the financing and management of everything to do with the institution. When there are decisions to be made within the institution, it is the board of directors who will ratify them and put them forward for the governors in the school, as well as the senior management team to consider.

The governors of the school form up a body. This body consists of parents who take a special interest in the education and development of the students in the school. In addition, there are professionals who have chosen to volunteer their time and expertise so that the school is able to deliver excellent growth through strategic leadership. These leaders will work together so that the entire school is able to achieve the success required.

Directors of Armthorpe School

The directors are headed by a chair who is a member of various professional bodies, mostly in the financial and accounting industry. The chair also has vast experience in the management of educational institutions, holding roles as both a senior manager, and a director. He works together with companies that are focused on providing excellent leadership, so that he is well positioned to achieve the strategic development plans that have been put in place for the institution.

The Academic director works to recruit the most professional staff, and also to develop them to be the best that they can be. She also ensures that the best staff are retained, helping with the continuity of the institution. She has vast experience in teaching, and has held the position of a head teacher for a Prep institution for several years.